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Improving Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children

NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence for improving health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children (ISAC).

The main aim of ISAC is to improve health and developmental outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Islander children in Australia.

ISAC Themes

ISAC translates to Improved Services Aboriginal Children – over the next five years we will use a thematically driven structure that focuses on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child health and development.

Evidence Synthesis at ISAC

ISAC promotes evidence-based healthcare, and the identification, appraisal and synthesis of high-quality evidence in the form of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of health services research.

Training and capacity building opportunities at ISAC

Developing dedicated research training pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals in Aboriginal child health.

The NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Improving Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (ISAC) brings together national and international researchers to focus on proximal issues in delivery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child health services.

Despite Australia’s capacity it is a major concern that we are unable to deliver effective health services to many vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children still carry an unacceptably high burden of ill health. There is little evidence about the effectiveness of current Australian child health service models in improving access and quality of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. In addition, there has been little opportunity to rigorously test new health service models that could improve health outcomes.

Improving Health Services

Inform health service providers about effective health service models, use new knowledge to change policy and practice within our four main themes.

Training Opportunities for Researchers

Researchers and health professionals are trained to do further research and deliver improved services.

Research and Current Projects

Test current strategies, do in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, determine cost effectiveness, evaluate programs and  synthesise evidence.

Research transfer

Improve existing Aboriginal child health training, develop new models, share knowledge, develop robust feedback and communication strategies.

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