Course structure

The UWA MD is a four-year course with seven core units and a total of 156 weeks of contact, not including study breaks or exam weeks


An ePortfolio is a collection of a student's work composed of a selection of content (assets), which demonstrates that learning has occurred over time.

Scholarly activity

The scholarly activity program provides students with a choice of four streams, which run parallel to the Phase 3 units

Welcome to the Doctor of Medicine

The UWA MD Program is a highly integrated and contextualised course with many innovative features to equip graduates with the capabilities to work as a doctor in the Australian health system.

The overall aim of the program is to prepare students to become accountable, scholarly, capable and caring doctors, committed to the wellbeing of the patient, community and society. This includes teaching in professionalism, leadership, advocacy, education and scholarly practice.

Professor Tony Celenza
Director Education Centre
MD Course Director