The Doctor of Medicine is a four-year course, structured around six core themes.

Course themes

The course is structured around six core themes: Professional, Leader, Advocate, Clinician, Educator, Scholar (PLACES)

Logo illustrating the 'Places' acronym, summarising course themes: Professional, Leader, Advocate, Clinician, Educator, Scholar. These themes all revolve around patient, community and society.

The UWA Doctor of Medicine will take you places!


Course features

MD graduates from UWA will be committed to the well-being of the patient, community and society as responsible, accountable, scholarly, capable and caring doctors.

  • Increasing student diversity to address healthcare needs of the community
  • The Aboriginal, Broadway and rural selection streams
  • The PLACES curriculum structure
  • Unit structure integrated across science and clinical disciplines
  • Clinical placements in the first week
  • Early teaching of ethics, teamwork, advocacy and professionalisation
  • Choice of Scholarly Activities in research, service learning, education or public health
  • Option to join Rural Clinical School for an entire year of clinical learning in the rural environment
  • Choice of electives and selectives
  • Professional Development and Mentorship Program
  • Strong culture of evaluation and responsiveness to student concerns
  • Well developed and positively evaluated student support services
  • Close relationship with the WA Medical Students Society
  • Research intensive University, Faculty, teachers and supervisors
  • Beautiful and convenient UWA campus
  • Studying within a world class health and educational system

Course structure

The UWA MD is a four-year course with seven core units and a total of 156 weeks of contact not including study breaks or exam weeks.

diagram explaining unit structure of the Doctor of Medicine course

Unit structure

The average contact time for the Foundations and Systems units is 20 hours per week. The contact time for the clinical attachments is variable between 20-40 hours per week. The phase and unit structure are as following:

Phase 1 - Foundations:
  • Foundations of Medical Practice (18 contact weeks)
Phase 2 - Systems:
  • Systems-Based Learning 1 (19 contact weeks)
  • Systems-Based Learning 2 (17 contact weeks)
Phase 3 - Clinical:
  • Integrated Medical Practice 1 (20 contact weeks)
  • Integrated (Rural) Medical Practice 2 (40 contact weeks)
  • Integrated Medical Practice 3 (30 contact weeks)
  • Integrated Medical Practice 4 (8 contact weeks)
  • In addition, all students are expected to complete an elective attachment of 4 weeks duration at the beginning of year 4.
Scholarly Activity:

The Scholarly Activities program provides students with a choice of 4 streams, which commence in the middle of Phase 2, and conclude at the end of Phase 3.

  • Research
  • Service Learning
  • Health Professional Education Coursework
  • Public Health Coursework

Full details of the unit structure are available in the UWA Handbook.